“The Wife” Season 3 To Premiere In November

"The Wife", To Premiere Season 3 In November

"The Wife", To Premiere Season 3 In November

“The Wife”, To Premiere It’s Season 3 In November

The Wife is another South African TV drama that has captivated it’s fans, leaving them wanting for more.

Since the production and the very first airing of the movie, which was produced by Stained Glass, the movie fans have been clamouring for more from the production crew.

The Season 1 of The Wife was first aired in November 2021, and subsequently opened rave reviews the same year, this made the movie to become one of the highest watched movies launched Showmax ever.

Almost a year ago, the show trended on Twitter every Thursday during the time it was supposed to run, and the show trended for 13 consecutive weeks.

In case you are interested, you may keep an eye out for new episodes of the movie every Thursday, when the season 3 begins to air.

Just days ago, the season 2 ended, and fans, through their social platforms have been worried and asking when the continuation will be released.

Well, the answer is here for us, ‘The Wife’ has been confirmed to air late this year, the movie’s season 3 will be on screen in about 4 to 5 months time.

Unfortunately, after the end of season 2, a few of the movie’s cast have been said to have left the show, one of whom is Khanyi Mbau who joined just this year.

The official crew members of the movie through an official letter revealed that the next season, which is season 3 of The Wife will be out by November 2022.

It also revealed that the crew are already in the pre production stage including the formulation of the movie cast, it’s crew and all it’s major actors. The official letter also revealed that the lead actors will also be part of the next season of “The Wife”.

About The Wife

The Wife is a South African movie series premiered on Showmax Original telenovela, it’s story line is about the lives of Zulu brothers who are 8 in number, the family is known to be a formidable crime family, orchestrated through the women they decide marry.

The first season of the movie, Season 1 was motivated by the novel called Hlomu the Wife, written by the veteran writer, Dudu Busani-Dube. It is about a journalist who falls in love with a cab driver, not knowing that when you get married, you also marry your spouse’s secrets.

Season 2 of the movie was inspired by the follow up novel called Zandile the Resolute. On this season, Zandile played the role of the fierce matriarch in the Zulu family, and real name of the cast who played this role was Khanyi Mbau, while and Mondli Makhoba whose stage name was Umkhokha played the role of Nkosana, who happens to be the eldest Zulu brother in the movie.

Let us wait and see what the crew have for us in the season 3 of the movie.

Check out the letter below.

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