Skweletu’s Islima Sendawo From Imbecile berth Album

Skweletu Islima Sendawo (Imbecile berth Album)

Skweletu Islima Sendawo (Imbecile berth Album)

Maskandi Singer Skweletu Shares Islima Sendawo From His Imbecile berth Album

Skweletu is through with another single, Islima Sendawo. This time he lifts the single off his album, Imbecile berth.

One peculiar fact about South African music artists is that they are very hardworking kind of people.

Almost every artistes from the top music genres in South Africa usually have their projects released every year. Well, with the competition in the undustry, everyone will want to maintain his fanbase.

Maskandi music genre has never been any different. In our last Skweletu’s post, we talked about how punctual the Maskandi singer has bee to keep up with the pace and request from him followers.

We expected actually that he will still share some new songs or even an album before the year runs out, and truly we are correct with our assertion.


The young South African artist is a Maskandi singer who hails from chiliza, a little township in Umzimkulu, Eastern Cape located in South Africa.

Skweletu is a fine South African house singer who is in his late 20’s but hasĀ  a lot of CDs to his credit.

He currently organizes performances and Maskandi live concerts, one of which is coming up in few days time.

On our platform, we have some songs which he has released, and they areĀ Inja Endlini and Ikhaya Lami.

Imbecile berth Album

Skweletu dropped his most recent album back in May 2022. The Maskandi album is truly one of his bests as it has been trending since it was released.

From the album lives a song which is remarkably composed by the singer, and it is titled, Islima Sendawo.

Islima Sendawo Is currently available on his YouTube channel.

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