Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack Tracklist

Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack Tracklist Mp3 Download Song

Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack Tracklist Mp3 Download Song

Queen Of The Damned Soundtrack Tracklist

The movie was 2002’s Queen of the Damned based on the 1988 book of the same name by Goth-Queen author, Anne Rice. The film starred Irish actor Stuart Townsend as vampire turned rock star, Lestat, and R&B superstar Aliyah as his lover/nemesis, Akasha aka the Queen of the Damned.

Queen Of The Damned Director

The movie was directed by Michael Rymer and who better to look out to for a soundtrack of such intense movie than a former mortuary assistant with a morbid penchant for collecting serial killer memorabilia. Morn frontman, Jonathan Davis was the perfect person to compose the soundtrack to a movie about an immortal rock star vampire.

Queen of the Damned: Music From The Motion Picture is the official soundtrack for the 2002 vampire film ‘Queen of the Damned ‘, released on February 19 2002 via Warner Music Group. It was produced by Richard Gibbs and Jonathan Davis of American nu metal band, Korn. Frank Fitzpatrick and Rich Dickerson served as the music supervisors for the album.

Queen Of The Damned Tracklist

The original motion picture soundtrack for the film was Jonathan Davis’ first musical project outside of his band. Originally, he was supposed to perform vocals on the soundtrack but due to limitations in his record label contract with Sony, prohibiting his voice to appear on disc, he could not. Jeff Scott Soto was subsequently hired to do the vocal work, but didn’t make the final cut either. Instead, five of Jon’s friends from other bands were chosen.

The movie ‘Queen Of The Damned ‘ consist of 14 soundtrack list performed;

  1. Not Meant For Me
  2. Forsaken
  3. System
  4. Change (In the house of Flies)
  5. Redeemer
  6. Dead cell
  7. Penetrate
  8. Slept So Long
  9. Down With Sickness
  10. Cold
  11. Headstrong
  12. Body Crumbles
  13. Excess
  14. Before I’m Dead.

Although the movie was heavily crucified by critics when it was released in spring of 2002, the soundtrack was one of its few saving graces.

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