Natural Born Killers Soundtrack And Theme Song

Natural Born Killers Soundtrack And Theme Song Mp3 Download

Natural Born Killers Soundtrack And Theme Song Mp3 Download


Natural Born Killers, is a movie produced by Oliver stone with its sound track by Trent Reznor and Leonardo Cohen. Released in August 1994, the film is known for its gruesome killings. The movie still resonate on the lips of people even many years later. The soundtrack charted at number 19 on US Billboard 200 album Charts.

The one thing that seems to still amaze people many years later is the soundtrack to the ludicrous film. The use of ‘The Future ‘ and ‘Anthem’ by Cohen in the final reel of Natural Born Killers not only addresses the themes of the film, but actually describes some elements of the narrative, as if the songs had been written specifically for the film. Much of what Cohen expresses through his poetry and songs were also expressed by Stone’s movie.

Oliver Stone employed editing for the sake of disrupting the narrative, rather than propelling it. But with Natural Born Killers there’s scarcely a single cut that doesn’t deliberately call attention to itself. The seamless continuity editing practices of mainstream Hollywood films are abandoned completely here. ‘It’s been described as the biggest experimental film, or the biggest student film ever made ‘ explained producer Jane Hamsher. By employing the same self conscious parody and rejection of artistic sensibilities as Leonard Cohen did with the theme song.

When Spinner published their readers’ favorite choices in the category of Best Opening and closing songs in Film, Leonard Cohens’ ‘Waiting for the Miracle ‘, (the opening music for Natural Born Killers) made the cut.

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Most soundtracks simply feature the film’s incidental music or songs that were heard in the background throughout the movie. Not with Natural Born Killers. Assembled by Trent Reznor (Nine Inch Nails) , the soundtrack to Oliver Stone’s brutally warped serial killers saga recreates the hallucinatory feeling of the film. Reznor managed to convey the insanity of the movie’s lead character much more effectively than stone did with the film itself.

Natural Born Killers Soundtrack And Theme Song Mp3 Download

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