Kuyasinda 2022 New Album by Bahubhe

Bahubhe New Album 2022 : Emaweni & Ngibekhona Nami

Bahubhe New Album 2022 : Emaweni & Ngibekhona Nami

Kuyasinda 2022 New Album by Bahubhe

What do you know about the new Kuyasinda album by Bahubhe, the South African singer?

As we stated in our previous article about Bahubhe, he is a good South African house singer who lives in Kwazulu, a town located in South Africa.

Bahubhe is a music talent, who began to build his career from his little age by joining different music groups where he broadened his knowledge in music.

During his time with the music groups, he learnt how to use music instruments even as a student. He from that time in 2013, began to share his music talents.

Kuyasinda, The  New Album By Bahubhe in 2022

Today, we  have chosen to write about his album which is is most recent studio project dropped in the second month of the year.

While many were busy planning on how to celebrate their Valentine’s day, Bahubhe was actually busy curating a nice body of art.

On February 28 2022, Bahubhe came through with a brand new studio album which his called Kuyasinda.

The album was dropped via his own music label, Bahubhe Trading Enterprise.

On the recent studio album, there are a total of 15 songs present, and did not feature any guest artist.

Asides the songs in the album, he shared two songs, Emaweni and Ngibekhona Nami, which we titled the best songs from Bahubhe.

Songs Available On The Album

Including the two singles, we have listed the songs available on the studio album and they are;

  1. Sanibonani
  2. Kulelobhasi
  3. Egalile
  4. Kukhona Ikhaya
  5. Uphakeme
  6. Kuyasinda
  7. Umamomncane
  8. Ulondiwe
  9. Bathethelele
  10. Mama KaNomthandazo
  11. Khululeka
  12. Awunyakazi Ngani
  13. Thumela uLazaru
  14. Baculi
  15. Wathula Ngathi Awuboni

His new album is currently available on his YouTube channel, also he has the project right on digital stores where you can enjoy the full album.

We are glad the South African maskandi-gospel singer is making some major headway with his career and we wish him more success.

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