Kabza De Small Reveals He Had 81 Songs, Talks About His “KOA 2” Album

Kabza De Small Reveals He Has 81 Songs, Talks About His “KOA 2” Album

Kabza De Small Reveals He Has 81 Songs, Talks About His “KOA 2” Album

Kabza De Small Reveals He Had 81 Songs, Before Dropping “KOA 2” Album, King Of Amapiano 3 Dropping This Year?

South Africa music industry is currently where it is today because of the like of the expert amapiano singer, Kabza De Small who through his music has taken the music genre to a whole new level.

Amapiano is a South African music genre which was birthed about a decade ago, but became quite popular around 2019, and today, it is a kind of sound played around the globe.

The epistle and success of the music genre can not be complete without referencing the like of Dj Maphorisa and Kabza De Small. The two reshaped the face of amapiano into what it is today, and we are grateful to them

Kabza De Small is a South African music writer, singer and song producer who has been in the music industry for quite a long time now.

He became popular by the end o 2019 through his special kind of amapiano songs, and few months later he teamed up with Dj Maphorisa to release a new album which they then titled, Scorpion Kings.

Since then, the duo have been dropping hot projects in form of Eps, Albums, mixtapes etc and have been seen featuring other wonderful amapiano singer, they also been featured in other songs by other good artistes.

After the duo released their series of Scorpion Kings Album (which we suspect to be a title they both gave themselves as two amapiano artistes working together), they went ahead to release King Of Amapiano.

The first part of the album, KOA aka King Of Amapiano Part 1 was dropped some months back, at the end of last year, and recently the duo came through with yet a sequel, KOA part 2.

King Of Amapiano part 2 since its released has filled up South Africa’s music industry as it could be heard blasting through radio stations, TV channels and even along the streets of South Africa.

Recently, he was in an interview with Spotify, the amapiano music writer talked about the production of his new and recent album which like we stated received much praises from his fas.

Kabza like we have known him enjoys filling his albums with a long tracklist, he during the course of the interview revealed that he initially had about 81 tracks in his vaults but went on to state that it was not really possible to drop them all at once, hence, his team came through and helped him select a few from the long list of tracks.

This indirectly means that we shall be hearing again from the amapiano king, but what we don’t know is if the third sequel will be titled KOA part 3.

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