Is Mbalenhle Mavimbela Leaving The Wife

Is Mbalenhle Mavimbela Leaving The Wife? Her Age & Boyfriend

Is Mbalenhle Mavimbela Leaving The Wife? Her Age & Boyfriend

People Have Been Asking If Mbalenhle Mavimbela Is Backing Out From “The Wife”, Despite Her Young Age, Or Is It Because Of Her Boyfriend

Before we head on to answer if Mbalenhle Mavimbela is really leaving The Wife because of her boyfriend or age related matter, let us firstly take a look at who Mbalenhle Mavimbela really is.

She is a very young South African celebrity who made it to fame by being an actress.

Mbalenhle Mavimbela Age

As a fact, Mbalenhle Mavimbela was born on January 14th, 1997, so she is a 25 years old South African lady who about a year ago became a popular face on the TV.

She is an interesting South African actress who came to limelight when she played an excellent role as Tandzile in a TV drama called Isipho. After that, the South African rising star went ahead to feature as Thandi in season one of a medical telenovela movie in South Africa called Duban Gen.

Just last year, 2021, she debuted in many local TV series like House of Zwide, Skeem Saam, also Judas Kiss, before lastly joining The Wife.

Is Mbalenhle Mavimbela Leaving The Wife

The Wife movie crew officially announced that some of its members will be leaving them, and one of which regrettably is Mbalenhle Mavimbela. The youngster is a raw talent who played the role of Hlomu, a very much loved personality in the movie. As reported by Phil Mphela who is one of the movie directors, the upcoming third season of The Wife will not feature Mbalenhle.

The Wife is a Showmax telenovela movie which started out with the original wife being Mahlomu, she acted the role so well that fans and other people cannot stand the idea of being replaced by a new Mahlomu, should the movie producers voted to change her.

The news was broken on the internet by a South African entertainment commentator who also speculated that Mbalenhle’s exit is as a result of personal issues which will go a long way to restrict her from shooting The Wife 3rd season which is set to be released in November.

According to Phil, he says and we quote; “The Wife without Mbali will be a tad strange because she really dazzled in this role. The move could also be temporary, should they get more seasons. If they don’t recast in her absence, I would want to see her return.

Phil, seems to know more about the reason why she will leave the movie, but does not want to share much information about the new development, in his statement, he says; “Can’t say. Not my place. Let’s just say, shooting was not gonna be ideal for her right now.”

Mbalenhle Mavimbela Boyfriend

Well, no one is sure if the young actress is really dating or just some stunts, but as the news of the exit hit the internet, people began to speculate on the reasons why she left. It was actually said to be personal reasons, but no one can confirm for sure, as the actress herself has not shared any information to this effect.

Some fans have been asking if her exit is related to a young man who she recently has been sharing on her social account, some reported that the duo are dating and maybe, need some time to figure out some issues in their relationship as it probably is weighing in on Mbalenhle’s role. Well, we can not tell for certain, but we promise to update you guys when we have more information about the real reason why Mbalenhle Mavimbela is leaving The Wife.


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