Inja Endlini, A Maskandi Music From Skweletu

Inja Endlini, A Maskandi Music From Skweletu

Inja Endlini, A Maskandi Music From Skweletu

Inja Endlini, A Maskandi Music From Skweletu 

Indeed, 2022 has been a good year in the South African music industry, especially for ones who love South African house music genres like maskandi.

Maskandi has been one of the oldest and long surviving music genre in South Africa, and yet still one of the most trending yet still as fresh as early morning dews.

One of the artistes who has seen to the promotion and sustenance of the music genre is Skweletu, yes, there are other beautiful souls who are there doing a great job in the Maskandi music genre like Mzukulu, Mthandeni, Khuzani and a whole lots of them

Almost all these hardworking Maskandi singers release new songs and album projects periodically and this year has been quite beautiful as one of our favorites came through with an album which he called Imbecile Berth.

The album was dropped in the middle of May 2022, however before he dropped the project, he took it upon himself to bless the souls of his listeners by sharing a nice track which he calls Inja Endlini.

Just before the release of Inja Endlini, Skweletu had earlier shared a single Ikhaya Lami, a song he decided to include in his 13 track album.

For this year 2022, Inja Endlini and Ikhaya Lami have been his most successful songs, and does it seem like he is about slowing down? Well we guess not.

The South African talented singer who specializes on Maskandi tunes took to his YouTube channel to share the song and is available below via his official YouTube channel.

It’s still June, so we can say the year is still young and artistes like Skweletu can still droll out some new and wonderful South African house songs for his fans, all we have to do is to keep our hopes high.

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