A Throwback To Sjava’s Emaweni

Sjava Emaweni

Sjava Emaweni

A Throwback To Sjava’s Emaweni

In 2018, Sjava shared a hot track which he gave the title, Emaweni. Let us see who Sjava is.


Jabulani Hadebe is the real name of the South African rapper. He was born on 2nd December 1983.

His stage name is Sjava, a South African professional singer, rapper, and also doubles as an actor.

The artist and actor has been handling both professions with absolute zeal, he in fat began to appear on set back in 2005.

A few entertaining drama series like uGugu no Andile which starred in 2009 had the entertainer on set. Sjava rose to become a notable personality when he starred on the drama series called Zone 14, he in fact appeared in three straight seasons.

Sjava while acting was also promoting himself in the music industry. Some years back, he signed a deal to release his music under the then powerful record label called Ambitiouz Entertainment.

In 2015, Sjava became a figure to reckon with when he was called in to assist on Miss Pru’s highly rated song “Ameni”.

A year after, Sjava released his debut studio album called Isina Muva.

He was the first South African artist to begin an experimental tune, which combines  hip hop, afrobeats and also contemporary R&B.

A year after he dropped his second solphomore album which he called Umqhele, (released in 2018).

Umqhele was an album that rose to critical acclaim in which his experiment of fusion of different music genres was a obvious.

After the second album, he rose so greatly that he consolidated his career to other international regions in Africa.

Before he shared the Umqhele album, Sjava had released his extended play called, Umphako, EP. The EP was dropped same year with the album in 2018.


In the same year he shared his Emaweni single.

The song was assisted by other South African artist, who came from other music genres.

Mzukulu and Anzo were the singers who assisted him on the song. The first has been a very great Maskandi artists, and he came along with his Maskandi vibes.

Since then, his unique style of music has been good, and his song Emaweni has been in the hearts of his followers, including myself.

He mostly has not actually released any projects now singles recently, but rather features in other songs.

We do hope he shares more musical contents soon, or debuts in another movie.

Use the comment section below to tell us what you think about the artiste, his style of music and his Emaweni song.

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